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Exploring this giant, impassable territory under my power, with no windows blocking the view, a couple of burritos and my tools in my sweater, I discovered the magic of the canyon.

The days I spent in the canyon have been the hardest days on the bike. No audience, no cheers, no trophies or prizes waiting; just the warmth of the lechuguilla and the laughter on the porch. A reward adapted to the purity of a terrain where a bicycle is not only my choice, but the best option: from city to city, from canyon to canyon faster than anything with a motor.

An exhausting day, a flat tire, a 3000m climb, a fast and smooth descent between pillars of ancient volcanic rock that the tour guides call “monks” but we all know the truth. The food always tastes better, the Tecate a little cooler, the mind clearer and ready to do it again tomorrow.

bosques BY BICYCLE

There are many routes on Strava near us. I’ve compiled three of my favorite routes here. There’s something for everyone and enough for the hardcore.


Located between 2,100 and 2,400 meters above sea level, the highlands are high. The air is fresh and breathing is heavy. Trails wind through small villages. Along creek beds, between slippery rocks that climb up into the forest on fire roads (the word fires can leave in the mind that it is something dangerous). There are countless adventures that can be experienced biking from the front porch of forests, here are three of my favorites:

Distance: 10-30 km Elevation: 100-200 m Challenge: Low Surface: Rough dirt road, easy dirt trail

It’s hard not to feel the freedom of childhood that inspires me every time I ride my bike. These short rides through the valley tend to involve rock hopping, wheelies and the occasional rooster tail.

This is a great trip to wake up on arrival or in the morning before a more ambitious route. Across the highway and down a dirt road to the town of Cusarare and the surrounding valley. Dirt trails are plentiful and exploring is easy (be mindful of people’s yards and stay on the main public roads). It’s never too far from the operations house, so I like to use this to check my bike set up after the flight, shake out my legs and feel the lack of Oxygen. The road continues and becomes less of a road and more of a riverbed, with endless shoots and valleys. I recommend taking an extra snack and a pocket beer for when the thirst for adventure hits.

See route on Strava


Take the road back [route link] or take a shuttle to Creel to explore the Monks Valley and Lake Arareco. Creel to explore the Valley of the Monks and Lake Arareco. This route features a lot of slippery rocks, fast tracks and some short climbs and descents, test your skills. There are some ideal side routes to challenge you, over and over again until you master them, be willing to experiment.

A pleasure to ride; I always catch myself smiling: no pain, everyone wins on this route. The lake is surrounded by intertwined mountain bike trails that link up for a ride of any length with a picnic lunch on the shore. Each outing I find a new section of trail, or a rocky slide to try and try again because I messed up the first time. Enjoy a half day on the bike or make it a full day with the trip to Creel.

See route on Srtava


When I was a kid, I begged to be invited to hike to the Recowata hot springs.

Recowata, only the 3-day tour was not advisable. Biking changes all that. It’s a challenging trip, but it’s doable on a mountain bike. The route includes an easy ride through the valley, before climbing above 2,400 meters for a beautiful view. Here, where the air thins out, I enjoy a burrito and look 500 meters towards the headwaters of San Ignacio. Over the centuries, how many people have stopped to marvel at this canyon.

A brief respite, a refreshment, the view, and let’s go! The 500m descent is straight down a rocky path of high difficulty. The only thing holding me back is the thought that I have to go back out. would an ambulance do it? I push on the brake at the possibility of a surprise. This time there are no goats, but in the canyon everything is unexpected, this undulating path ends with a relaxing dip in warm water. I dare not stay too long; the legs must be kept fresh to climb again. The climb is a real test of strength and balance, I use every step of my transmission thinking about dinner. Everyone laughs when I lose traction on the 25% grade.

On the way back to the woods, we ride side by side as the conversation oscillates between stuffed peppers and exertion.

On the way back to the Bosques hotel, we ride side by side as the conversation oscillates between stuffed peppers and exertion.

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