Motorcycles at Riverside


All of the roads listed in Truck-Treks are fabulous for cyclists who understand rough roads. Now, for the most spectacular adventure of all, do the COPPER BARRELS CIRCLE. Here’s what’s…. if you’re ready….

Great Copper Canyon Cyclists Circle. Pavement today. Get an early start in Chihuahua. Cross the desert into the hills to Creel. Take the road from Creel to Guachochi in the tall pines and wind eroded rocky country. Take the Samachique exit onto THE SOARING EAGLE HIGHWAY. The Soaring Eagle takes you past Quirare and just over the rim and down, down, down, down, down, down, down over 5000 feet to the river at the bottom of the canyon. Then the Soaring Eagle road hovers over the river a few more miles to Batopilas. Collapse at Copper Canyon or Real de Minas Lodges for a day or two with some short trail rides.

Get up very early drink lots of water. Gas up in Batopilas. Take the unpaved road out of the canyon from the banana trees to the cactus and oak trees, up to the pine highlands and back down through oak trees, cactus, to the banana trees again on the Urique Canyon floor, up from Urique Canyon to Bauchivio, where you turn right and follow the dirt road parallel to the railroad to near Divisadero, where you drop almost dead with a beer in your hand at Maria Barriga’s fabulous Tarahumara Mansion, which is a sort of German castle on the edge of a huge canyon. Sleep well.

The next day, you’ll have an easy ride of about 8 hours on pavement back to Chihuahua, where government officials will hand you official-looking certificates confirming that you HAVE COMPLETED THE COPPER BARRANCA CYCLING CIRCLE AND REALLY SURVIVED. A very cool ride.

You can do it on your own or join one of Skip Mascorro’s groups with your bike or his. He has the experience and support team to deal with the unpredictable and predictable back road rides in the wilderness. He also uses the best accommodations…OURS…

The Copper Canyon Riverside Lodge and the Royal Mine House in Batopilas. Oh, did I remember to say that his trips are FUN? Here are the dates this spring. Dale Skip a call .