More Trails and Wines

Arareko Lake, Valleys of the frogs, mushrooms and monks. (motor tour)

After so much walking, I enjoyed the idea of relaxing and letting the mechanical horses take me to see the scenery. It is surprising and pleasing to find a lake in the middle of the forest, in fact, in the middle of huge stones carved by water and air over the centuries. Water, pine trees and a blue sky that I had not known before, there were exactly seven white clouds.

Near the community of San Ignacio with its Mission, we continued on a dirt road to the valley of the mushrooms, where the visual effect photograph carrying a large rock is always a must, we arrived at a small church, the Mission of San Ignacio and from there we went to the rock formations, now forming large frogs. We continued inland to reach the best view for me, El Valle de Los Monjes, large pointed rock formations that resemble standing monks, hence the name we chabochis (hairy faces).
The Rarámuri, an agrarian race, are always focused on the fertility of all things. They call these rocks Bisabírachi, in reference to the resemblance to certain things already well prepared to perform certain reproductive duties. Our Rarámuri neighbors are not without their sophisticated yet mischievous sense of humor.

In this excursion, because of its proximity to Creel, I asked the driver to leave us for a while in the main street which is the Santo Centro of Chacharalandia. We came back with many treasures! Duration 5 hours.


De los vinos jóvenes, debo decir que La Casona es considerado amigable. Es decir, va con todo… pollo, carne, pastas y, por supuesto, ¡comida mexicana! Con el típico platillo serrano, machaca y papas, va muy bien con esta amigable fruta del viñedo del Valle de Encinillas.

Petroglyphs & Cusarare waterfall

Antonio is my guide, a few steps from Bosques is the painted cave. It is adorned with Rarámuris cave paintings in good condition. The landscape is completed by some goats in the corral. We continue uphill until we reach another cave, which was used as a house with kitchen area, bedroom, fireplace, and area to store grains, it is also adorned with Rarámuris paintings, here there are different spaces such as: bedroom with fireplace, kitchen and a small corral, for me it is the most impressive I have seen. We continue our steps to another cave of smaller size, but great beauty, a little further on, we reach a small valley where we take a short break. We cross the river by a suspension bridge, to continue upstream through the forest to the Cusárare waterfall with its curtain of water. Here luckily it was a day when the locals came to sell their Rarámuri handicrafts, we resumed our way to Bosques where a good wine and cheeses were very gratifying to my palate.


Our traditional distillates from Chihuahua, beverages that contain the tough character and strength of the people who produce them in the heat of the desert or high in the Sierra Madre, are a must. Sotoles and Lechuguillas, strong distillates that warm the blood in the winter and brighten the spirit with their unique flavors of wild agaves distilled in the traditional way, with a subtle taste to the palate. Ideal to be enjoyed by the warmth of the campfire in the best company, just as Chihuahua’s muleteers and cowboys have done for generations; or as an excellent appetizer to enjoy our delicious typical food.


Sotol was a clandestine moonshine drink from the highlands until recent years. The Elías Miller family, of great pedigree in Chihuahua, took the initiative to produce it legally and offer it to the public. They learned the traditional methods, yet it reflects the refined tastes of the family. It has balance, and flavor. It does not burn, it is smooth. In short…strong with a rich taste. What I like about this sotol is a touch of sweetness at the end.


From the house of Madero. Established since 1580, the first formal vineyard established in the new world, they sure know their business! Their knowledge is evident in this bottle containing a blend of 3 grapes with a minimum of 3 summers in barrel and another 2 in bottle.


No es para todo el mundo. ¿Pasó mucho tiempo en barrica, Qué habrá aprendido esta señora o puede ser señor? (Los vinos son machos o hembras…me va a interesar conocer tu opinión al tomarlo)

Well, most likely, if she is a lady, her time in intimate contact with wood has not taught her to be submissive. She is rather strong. It is grippy on the palate. She says, “Here I am. Deal with it!”


It is the most authentic drink of the sierra de la sierra that is produced in clandestine vinatas. It has a lot of character! It is not allowed under the law and of course we don’t handle it and the gallon, with the traditional cascabel drowned inside, will not appear in our bonfires. Of course not!