Motorcycle at Bosques

We know the smell of the desert after the rain, we know the freshness of the road among the pines, our faces know the insects of the jungle. We are connoisseurs of the pavement. Movement, movement movement movement ….Moving is life on a motorcycle.

We come from all over the country to experience the air, the sun, the rain, the pavement and the dirt road of the Copper Canyon in the flesh. The sierra of Chihuahua is not of sharp peaks like the Alps, here are soft, cozy, tender contours. The sierra is feminine. Our steel horses caress its curves with power, tenderness, and respect. For is it not our Sierra Madre?

Only people like us know what a truly intimate experience with our geography is like. Only someone like us knows what it is like to lose the sense of time and space, floating half a meter above a ribbon of smooth asphalt.

Only one of our people can know the deep pleasure of a cold beer at the end of the day on horseback.

Caballeros? ¡Definitivamente si!

–Por Don Quijote de Harley Davidson.