Who We Are

President - Hoteles Sierra Madre mx


Living with nature… with your friends an experience in the tranquility of the sierra tarahumara. your opportunity to connect with our origins.


Trails and Wines
Our being maintains the longing to know our roots. Here in the sierra, we reawaken in body and mind a real connection. Daily we are immersed in certain activities because we want to benefit our society. We participate in a consensus reality. Consensus reality is extremely useful. But it is far from the reality of the elements; of air, water, earth and fire, of our origins and our roots.

Here in the sierra, we feel the reality of the early morning cold on our faces and hands. It is not an irrelevant moment between the house and the car; here the early morning cold surrounds us and envelops us. It imposes upon us as a necessity to rush into the warmth of the dining room for the thick tortillas handmade by Maria Cruz. We pass a tortilla from one hand to the other several times, so that our hands enjoy the warmth and finally place it against our cheek.

Here we feel the reality of the tiredness of the climb up one of the hundred broken trails, and we return home, exhausted from the legs, but with renewed spirit. We take a good bath and sit on the porch listening to the river, understanding without words expressed or thought who we are.

Here there is no electric light, no cell phone signal, no Wifi or television; here the only reality of the night is the darkness, the campfire and Calixto’s guitar, us together with our loved ones under the milky way.

Here, for a moment, we leave behind the world of words and human institutions.

Here God is not an Abstraction That's right, that's all there is to it

I established Bosques

For people of like minds. To share my personal experiences in the sierra.

I started in a place half an hour from the town of Creel, surrounded by indigenous ranches. The Rarámuri offered me possession of an adobe and log building they built 52 years ago. In fact, Mrs. Luz Corral de Villa was present and signed the original dedication of the building. We fitted it out with new bathrooms and plumbing, preserving the rustic spirit of the varnished logs, the irregular line of the tin roof and the wood-burning heaters. It is our privilege that the employees are our neighbors and many details of their indigenous food appear in the meals.

Everything is focused on leaving our daily city life behind. The atmosphere of the place is very rustic and authentic, not “showy” because we want to get in touch with nature. However, we are neither ascetic nor raccoons. We allow ourselves certain luxurious touches in the rooms such as cotton robes and towels, flannel sheets, comforters and feather pillows; in the dining room, be prepared to savor succulent meals and Marta Cruz’s original soups, tune your ear to Calixto’s guitar, and at the campfire taste some fine wines from Baja California, Chile and Michigan. Discover local labels from the Encinillas Valley and the Pinesque house among other delights.

In “Bosques” I offer you an opportunity to have an intimate experience with nature. It may have been Don Miguel Ruiz who said: our ancestors had the power to talk to the mountains. If so, come, the mountains have something to tell you!