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Municipio de Urique administracion 2013-2016
Municipio de Urique administracion 2013-2016

Booking a room is easy!

Minimum Two Nights Highly Recommended.

Copper Canyon Riverside Lodge
Single or Double: $190 plus tax
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Casa Real de Minas de Acanasaina
Single or Double: $80 plus tax
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To book direct call or email

Sonia Estrada (English or Spanish)
(470) 685-1261 US
(614) 427-3097 Mexico
Martin Alcaraz (Spanish)

To arrange a complete tour package contact:
Patricia Cardova/Turismo Al Mar
Tres Amigos/Yolanda Norman


Getting There!

Fly to Chihuahua City from Dallas, Denver, Mexico City and Houston.

From Chihuahua Airport

You can drive your car or rent a car at the airport for the seven hour drive that takes you from desert to pine forests, cactus forests to the verdant canyon floor… seven eco-zones in seven hours! The road is entirely paved except for the detours for landslides.

From the Creel Train Station

We can arrange a car for you from Creel to Batopilas. $400 per Suburban (up to 4 people), $500 per Suburban (up to 6 people), round trip.

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Your adventure in the Copper Canyon Country begins on the Soaring Eagle Highway to Batopilas

In the crisp morning mist, leave on the Soaring Eagle Highway from Creel. At 8000 feet, wind through the scented pine forests and eery eroded rock formations, past remote Raramuri homesteads, cross the route of the la conducta, the old silver pack trains, through tributary canyons so numerous they have never been named!

Suddenly, you’re on the edge of an immense precipice, a dizzying view into the green depths to the river, over a mile straight down!

Why hesitate? The Soaring Eagle Highway leaps off and in a marvel of engineering, switchbacks down the cliff face to the tropical flowers along the river below. Follow it as it wrestles with house sized boulders, rests in smooth pools on, on to Batopilas…. the fabled Silver Magnet. Batopilas, where it is said brides were provided a pavement of silver bars to the church, so that their dress might never touch the ground!

Los Tres Amigos Transportation Service offers you the best experience on the road portion of your Copper Canyon Batopilas Adventure.

Their amiable guides know where to stop and what to show you. Their late model Chevy Suburbans are mechanically meticulous and maintained for luxury….

Select options from basic all the way up to an elegant roadside picnic by clicking this link to Los Tres Amigos.