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Treated like royalty!

Wow, we had the most amazing stay at this incredible hotel. Martin, the manager couldn’t have made us feel more welcome. We were doted on for our whole stay with complimentary drinks and popcorn while we were studying our spanish in the incredible lounge or complimentary sherry in the evening while we read one of the ancient books on offer. The rooms were spotless and you felt transported back in time wandering around the whole building. Every day, Martin and a few workers, swept and wiped and kept the place immaculately clean. Martin even organised a cake and wine (all complimentary) for my partners birthday. We truly felt like royalty here.We would also like to mention that you should definitely go for a walking tour with Manuel. He is the most amazing guide. He is genuine, friendly, knowledgeable and just all round amazing. He is 70 years old but never slipped and sprang up the hills like he was 20. We were so impressed. Everyone knows of him so you can ask in any hotel and they will contact him for you.Thanks so much Martin and all your crew for such an amazing stay in an incredible hotel. Mikey had such a great birthday weekend there.

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Like a fairy tale!

Stunning beautiful rambling mansion with many different rooms in different styles. All with great bathrooms. Connections with amazing guides. Extremely friendly and forthcoming manager. Library full of historical documents and also light reading. Numerous courtyards. All clean and very well cared for. Some wifi available and in the near future a new cell phone tower. I would go there again and again as it is in the centre of the wild Barancas del Cobre.

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Very nice hotel and excellent service!

Very nice hotel. An old and big house, well maintained and clean. The service was excellent. We stayed there for two nights plenty of “talking moments” at the end of the afternoons. No luxury, but a lot of histories. Try the “lechuguita”!

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The most quaint & gorgeous hotel

We stayed at the Riverside Lodge in Batopilas on our 8 day trip to the Copper Canyon. This hotel absolutely just takes your breath away. Its decor takes you on a trip back in time. Each room is totally unique and has an old fashioned bath tub. All the rooms are lit with candle light and each room leads off onto it own little patio. It is so peaceful and its quite hard to actually leave the hotel and explore the town. It is situated in the centre of town in walking distance to the town square, museum and local restaurants. The friendliness of the staff and excellent service made you fee right at home especially with the fresh brewed coffee in the morning. They even gave us a farewell party to Batopilas with live music, cocktail and great dancing. We were sad to leave this little treasure in the bottom of the canyon. I can definitely recommend staying here to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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This would be the best hotel in Batopilas. From the moment you walk in the door, the serenity surrounds you. Every room is unique – there are no bad rooms. Yes, its a basic hotel, but in this part of the world its 5 star. Each room is individually decorated with interesting and historic tit bits. A coffee awaits first thing in the morning, and a warm welcome when you return.The hotel knows how to look after weary travellers, and is like a home away from home!

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Highly recommend the Riverside Lodge

Our two day stay at the Riverside Lodge and with Martin, the manager, was exceptional. The entire hacienda experience was very special and relaxing and complements the atmosphere of Batopilas. Don’t worry about the extra cost which really isn’t that much over regular motel rooms in Batopilas. The experience will remain with you forever.I would also like to say Ivan and Yolanda at Tres Amigos in Creel were very helpful with our trip. Their information about the area and places to see and do were spot on. We rode our motorcycle down to Batopilas and their information was very valuable.We were warned of security issue by everyone who has never been down there but I can say there was not one time or instance where we felt uncomfortable during our two week ride to the Copper Canyon area. Scott and Laurie.

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The beauty brought tears to my eyes..

As many others have said, this is an incredibly special place, I doubt more than a few of these exist anywhere. The property is remarkable, I’ve spent several hours just wandering through it and enjoying all the little areas. As a landscape designer, I so appreciate the thought, and fun, and folly, and touches that have gone into this property. Just when you think it ends, there is another corner, or stairway, or sitting area, or special place. The rooms are ALL wonderful, all very unique. And I know, because we are the only guests here just now, and we looked in every single one. All the staff is so very wonderful, I’ve been touched by their care and attentiveness. If you love special places, something like you may never see again, this is the place. Oh, and it’s clean, the bathrooms are very nice – ours is huge, the size of a regular room – the beds are very comfortable, and we could easily stay here a week to further enjoy this.

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Most beautiful hotel

This is one of the most beautiful small boutique hotels I’ve ever stayed at or seen. The ceilings in the salon are painted as are the walls throughout the hotel. The manager is attentive, the breakfast good and after a long day of hiking we were greeted with cold naranjito juice freshly sqeezed from fruit on their trees.

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Best Hotel in the Copper Canyon

It’s a long and beautiful drive on a rough road to Batopilas. What a marvel to find the colourful Riverside Lodge and the most charming of all Managers. Martín Alcaraz Gastelum was always on hand to give us a wonderful stay. Caring to see that we made nice and safe excursions.Gracias Amigo Martín