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The most quaint & gorgeous hotel

We stayed at the Riverside Lodge in Batopilas on our 8 day trip to the Copper Canyon. This hotel absolutely just takes your breath away. Its decor takes you on a trip back in time. Each room is totally unique and has an old fashioned bath tub. All the rooms are lit with candle light and each room leads off onto it own little patio. It is so peaceful and its quite hard to actually leave the hotel and explore the town. It is situated in the centre of town in walking distance to the town square, museum and local restaurants. The friendliness of the staff and excellent service made you fee right at home especially with the fresh brewed coffee in the morning. They even gave us a farewell party to Batopilas with live music, cocktail and great dancing. We were sad to leave this little treasure in the bottom of the canyon. I can definitely recommend staying here to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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