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The beauty brought tears to my eyes..

As many others have said, this is an incredibly special place, I doubt more than a few of these exist anywhere. The property is remarkable, I’ve spent several hours just wandering through it and enjoying all the little areas. As a landscape designer, I so appreciate the thought, and fun, and folly, and touches that have gone into this property. Just when you think it ends, there is another corner, or stairway, or sitting area, or special place. The rooms are ALL wonderful, all very unique. And I know, because we are the only guests here just now, and we looked in every single one. All the staff is so very wonderful, I’ve been touched by their care and attentiveness. If you love special places, something like you may never see again, this is the place. Oh, and it’s clean, the bathrooms are very nice – ours is huge, the size of a regular room – the beds are very comfortable, and we could easily stay here a week to further enjoy this.

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